We here at SteamMaster’s are highly trained in the field of Carpet Restoration. Along with our Cleaning Services, we also offer Carpet Repair, FULL Replacement And Carpet Dyeing

Carpet Repair
Carpet Repair

Repair Services

  • Carpet Patching- Starting at $25 per patch (depending on size)
  • Carpet Stretching- Starting at $100 (depending on size of room)
  • Carpet Retacking- Starting at $50
  • Transition Installation/Repair- Starting at $50
  • Carpet Seam Repair- Starting at $50
  • Carpet Spot Dyeing (for Bleached areas)- Starting at $30 per area

Carpet Replacement Service

  • $1.55​ per square foot​, includes rip out old carpet, new mid-grade carpet (3 types to choose from) and basic installation. Additional 0.30 per square foot if padding replacement is needed.
  • $175​ Staircases up to 15 steps
  • If you already purchased carpet for replacement, we charge 0.75​ per square foot for rip out of old carpet and basic installation of the new carpet you provide

Carpet Dyeing Service

This service is recommend for homes that has carpet that is badly stained (beyond cleanable) but is still in good condition. We have several colors to choose from.
***Note: Carpet can only be dyed darker than the original color.***

Price Starts at $125 per room (depending on size of room). Deep Cleaning of Carpet and Drying prior to being dyed is included in the total cost.

**We also offer very competitive prices for total Carpet Replacement, call to set up a In-Home Estimate**