Here at Steam-Master's Carpet Cleaning,

-We WILL NOT do less than what’s required to properly clean you carpets.

-We WILL NOT compromise our quality for a CHEAP PRICE, if you just want a cheap job, PLEASE CHOOSE ANOTHER COMPANY.

-We have have established a good name and reputation for ourselves and have learned from the actions of other companies that DOING LESS THAN WHATS REQUIRED WILL ONLY RESULT IN UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS AND BAD REVIEWS.

WE WILL do our best to clean all that’s removable from your carpets!

We want you business long term!

Quality Stamp

**If you have any issues with a cleaning you received from us (Straight Through us Deals ONLY), please take advantage of our 48 hour Workmanship Guarantee. We will come out and re-clean any area you would like extra attention to be concentrated on if missed during the first cleaning for FREE.**

***Note: We DO NOT issue refunds on labor preformed. We do however stand behind our work and will return to rectify any issue rectifiable.***

***Note: Some things cannot be removed. This Guarantee doesn’t apply to areas that were deemed permanent at the first cleaning. This Guarantee DOES NOT apply to Basic Allergy Focused Steam Only Cleanings.***