Pet Stain

At SteamMaster’s , we specialize in pet stains and pet odor removal. Due to the complex chemical nature of pet stains and odor, they both can be difficult to remove. We have a 60% to 90% success rate, mainly depending on the degree of contamination, how much time problem areas have been there, and amount of sun exposure.

Pet Stain Removal

Important Facts to Know

  • Pet urine can alter the dye and carpet fibers, causing a permanent stain on your carpet, upholstery or rug.
  • Unknowingly, most pets continually urinate in the same general locations, sometimes without you even knowing it.
  • The degree of contamination is always greater than the size of the surface stain.
  • Carpet cleaning alone will not remove odor from the carpet padding and sub-floor.
  • Pet stains and odor is best treated with professional enzymes and deodorizing agents.
  • Our pet stain and odor removal cleaning agents are safe for you, your family and pets.

We can remove most pet stains and odors from your carpet following SteamMaster’s Cleaning Process!

Pet Stain

-Inspection of your carpet to identify how strong the degree of urine contamination.For badly contaminated areas where the carpet pad has been soaked, we will saturate both the carpet and pad where each stain is located using a pet stain remover and deodorizer.

-Extract the urine and stain remover from the carpet and padding. Treat minor pet stains using an enzyme designed to “eat up” urine bacteria, removing the stain and odor.

-The pet treatment is then power extracted using a deodorizer and a special rinse to avoid leaving soil attracting residues.

Don’t be intimidated by pet stains or make the costly decision to replace your carpet, upholstery or rug. Give us a call: (980) 277-4465