Warning! Don’t Hire Any Carpet Cleaners Until You Read Below!

We’ve all seen them, they come on door hangers, in your mailbox, and on websites such as Groupon, Living Social, etc.

You will see a carpet cleaning company advertising a very small price for cleaning a room of carpet. You should be careful about anyone claiming to clean your carpets for $9.95 a room or on one of these coupon voucher sites advertising 3 rooms for $30. Their coupons all have really small fine print containing only some the hidden cost that they try to charge you once they enter your home. Once there, they tell you it will be much higher than the $9.95 a room, because the $9.95 a room coupon is just for their basic cleaning. And your carpets will not come clean with just their basic cleaning process, in order to get it clean they have to charge you for pre-treating the traffic lanes, the normal spots and so on and so on. Those two or three rooms end up costing you hundreds of dollars instead.

Or worst yet, they don’t deliver on their promise, leaving you with dirty and musty smelling carpets.

If you are looking for a real professional carpet cleaner in the Charlotte Metro area, you have come to the right place. We’ve cleaned thousands of homes, and we have survived in this industry by delivering quality and honest service. Doing a little research before hiring a carpet cleaner will save you a lot of headaches, time and money.

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Quality & Excellent Customer Service Driven

From day one, customer satisfaction has been our number priority and achieving that is the reason why we are one of the highest rated, small carpet cleaning business in our local area. 80% of customers who use us once, use us again and refer us to family and friends. The other 20% are either one time customers who are moving away or “Deal Seekers”, who have no intention of choosing one company and sticking with them. They’re simply choosing the cheapest company they can find. <strong “>WE ARE NOT THE CHEAPEST AROUND however, our Quality exceeds what we charge.

When choosing a company, look beyond price. Ask about their equipment. Ask about their solutions. Find out where you can find REAL reviews of their company.
Steam-Master’s offers both truck-mounted, hot water extraction (steam cleaning) and portable steam extractor cleaning for light duty jobs.

Please spend some time on our website and look at how the Steam-Master’s Carpet Cleaning process is different. We are totally fanatical about customer service and you satisfaction. We are not out to make a quick buck, we are trying very hard to gain loyal clients and do the very best cleaning for an honest price!