Commercial Carpet Cleaning

commercial carpet cleaning Greensboro NC

We offer fully customized carpet maintenance programs that will fit your needs and your budget.  We offer both hot water extraction(steam cleaning) and low moisture encapsulation cleaning methods. What that means for you is that we can put together a plan to make your carpeting last long term. Carpet traffic can vary in your building from area to area and floor to floor, and soiling levels can vary as well. Factors that affect soiling levels are, how many hard surface to carpet transitions are there, do you utilize walk off mats when transitioning from hard surface to carpet, what type of facility or business do you have. Manufacturing facilities will usually be more heavily soiled and present us with soiling that has a lot of dust and even possibly grease. No matter the soiling type we have a solution for it. Typically, we clean major traffic areas in our clients' building multiple times a year to keep up with appearance as needed. We offer programs that include monthly cleanings to bi-annual carpet cleaning. Our main concern is that your carpet is clean and that you have a healthy work environment to work in. Call us today and schedule a walk through of your building so we can discuss your carpet cleaning needs.

Janitorial Cleaning Service

janitorial cleaning service Greensboro NC

We also offer customized janitorial cleaning programs. Just like carpet cleaning, janitorial is much the same. Cleaning frequency is based on the needs of the business, the amount of traffic and use, and budget. We provide everything from 5 days a week service to 1 day a week deep cleans. We also utilize our own cleaning solutions, equipment, and supplies. We do our absolute best to meet special requirements for every business we work with. For instance, some may require the use of specific sanitizing or disinfecting agents. We have high standard quality control programs in place so that we are delivering the highest level of cleaning possible. Each janitorial cleaning account is assign a quality control supervisor who does does inspections at every cleaning. Our janitorial cleaning programs consist of the following services: high and low dusting, kitchen and appliance cleaning, mopping of hard surfaces, desk cleaning, trash removal, bathroom cleaning and restocking. Finally we offer both daytime and nighttime cleaning schedules that will not disrupt your flow of work. Our goal is to let our high level of quality been seen through our workmanship, yet not be seen to where normal operations flow smoothly for your company.


Restroom Tile Sanitation

restroom sanitation Greensboro NC

The restroom in any building or facility is one of the more bacteria laden areas for reasons we are sure we all understand. However, restroom sanitation solutions that are offered by many companies do not truly deal with the problem. They offer solutions that mask the issue with aerosols and other masking agents. We believe in getting the root of the problem at the source. If a restroom has been poorly maintained it can take some time to get it up to par, especially when dealing with urine odor. When urine absorbs into the tile it will travel deeper and deeper into the tile and into the grout. To combat this, we use enzymatic cleaning solutions that penetrate into the tile and begin the digest the bacteria in the urine so that we can begin to remove it. As mentioned, depending on the severity multiple cleanings may be needed to bring the restroom to a manageable level. Different tile types and different grout types also are a major factor. One of the more common issues we see is that some janitorial companies apply finish or a wax to the tile in an attempt to fix this issue. For tile and grout, this will only make the problem worse and much harder to fix. As will all of our commercial cleaning services, we offer custom tailored cleaning frequencies for our restroom sanitation service.

Post Construction Cleaning

post construction cleaning up

There is nothing more refreshing than a brand new building to work in, an addition, or even renovations to update the look, flow, and feel of a building. After all of the drywall, electrical, painting, flooring installation and other contracting services are done. There is still more work to be done and that is after or post construction clean up. After construction there is typically a thin layer of dust covering everything from top to bottom. You certainly don't want to be breathing that in while working and you definitely don't want it on any new furniture or computer equipment. That is where we come in. We offer after construction clean up where we can utilize a combination of our commercial cleaning services to make your new working space is clean as possible. We find that the best approach is to work from the top to bottom which includes dry and wet dusting of fixtures, lights, and trim. We also offer wall washing if it is needed and can also wet wash trim, doors, and baseboards. Most standard shop vacs - even the ones with filters will simply just blow the dust around. That is why we use HEPA vacuums when cleaning up drywall dust. The HEPA filtration ensures that only clean air is coming back out. Our main goal with our post construction clean up service is that you have a new clean and healthy environment to work in.