Save Your Back - Let Us Worry About It

I know that we've all done it - spent a good part of the afternoon or maybe even a weekend on our hands and knees with a bucket of soapy water and brush scrubbing grout lines. For all of us that have we know just how back breaking this can be and how we can ache in all places for days to come. Our tile and grout cleaning process will save your back and your time and we can usually restore your tile and grout to around 90% and remove the soil and most staining. If you tile and grout was sealed after installation that ups the odds in our favor, and if it wasn't sealed we may need to take a restorative approach to the cleaning.

Our Process

tile and grout cleaningInspection & Testing: First we identify what tile it is that we're cleaning. Some types of tile can react differently to various cleaning agents and some need a bit more aggressive approach to get them really clean. We also want to look for loose or broken tiles and missing or damaged grout. We also look for topical coatings such as wax and the use of household cleaners that leave a shine or residue.

Pre-treat: We use a cleaning solution specifically made for the tile type installed in your home. The cleaning solution begins to break up the soil and penetrate into the grout lines to bring the soils that have absorbed into grout to the surface for removal.

Agitation: We have a variety of methods that we use to work the cleaning solution in. At this time, we'll scrub the grout lines and the tile face itself if needed to break up as much soiling as possible.

Rinsing: After the cleaning solution and agitation have done their job we rinse the floor with a self contained cleaning disk. This tile and grout cleaning tool gives us the benefits of a pressure washer without the mess as it contains the spraying and quickly vacuums it up all at the same time. Our cleaning machine reaches temperatures of up to 230 degrees. This high temperature helps to loosen the soil further but after the floor has been rinsed it brings it to a sanitary level.

Restorative Treatment: If the previous steps haven't given us the results we're looking to achieve we then apply another cleaning solution. This restorative cleaning solution is made to readily remove the embedded soil layer thereby renewing the surface of the grout.

Speed Drying: We will use fans designed to dry tile and grout floors quickly. We do this so that you can get back to normal more quickly.

Sealing: We utilize a penetrating tile and grout sealer to seal your floors with. Our product actually absorbs into the grout and creates a barrier of protection. Liquids will bead on top of the grout line making them more easy to remove. The tile and grout sealing product also inhibits any dyes in that liquid from permanently staining the grout.

Frequently Asked Tile & Grout Cleaning Questions

How often should I have my tile and grout cleaned?

There is no perfect answer because it will depend on the type of foot traffic and use that the floor receives. However, our experience with various situations is that most homes should have their tile and grout cleaned and sealed every 18-24 months. For larger families with children and pets every 12-18 months may be more beneficial.

Is there a special cleaner I can use on my floor to keep up with it?

The problem with a lot of the products that you can buy from the store is residue. What happens is, you clean your floor with the product and then suddenly you notice it is getting dirtier more quickly. You use the product again but this time it may not give you the results you want and eventually you add more product for more cleaning power. You have a floor that looks clean but now the residue left on the floor is even greater and next time you'll need to use even more product and this issue compounds on itself. To help with this problem, we recommend that you use a non-residue neutral floor cleaner. Neutral cleaner is great to use for both ceramic and natural stone floors.